A: Make sure you unlock all your Legendary Partner commissions before you promote. You can do so in the side-tab called “Activate Leverage Commissions”.

A: Below is a list of your Legendary Commissions. All are paid out manually by MOS:

  • $500 Legendary Commissions
  • $500 Legendary Passup Commissions
  • $100 (20%) Legendary Matching Bonus
  • $100 (20%) Legendary Passup Bonus
  • $20 (20%) Partner Matching Bonus
  • $20 (20%) Kickstart Matching Bonus
  • $20 (20%) Monthly Matching Bonus
  • $5 (20%) Blog Setup Matching Bonus

*For all manual payments paid by us: We’ll reach out to you via email once you qualify for that commission to work out your preferred payment method. We can pay by credit card if you send us an invoice¬† (e.g. Paypal Invoice, Stripe Invoice, Other Payment Gateway Invoices).

A: Your Referral Link never changes no matter which Level you upgrade to. Having said that there are only two types of Referral Links:

  1. Your Raw Affiliate Link: https://myonlinestartup.com/?id= OR
  2. Your Bonus Lead Generation System Link (inside your ClickMagick Account)
    (If you haven’t had the chance to set up your Bonus Lead Gen System yet, you can check it out here.)

A: Click on the top tab “Account” > “My Earnings”.

A: Click on the top tab “Account” > “My Team”.

A: As a Legendary Partner you are at one of the strongest positions to really succeed with My Online Startup. Not only are you part of one of the most active and committed group of online Entrepreneurs (Chuck’s Inner Circle), but here’s where your team will start to earn for you. So as long as you continue to do what you do and build your email list, you can sit back and relax while your entire team starts to earn for you.

A: Please reach out to [email protected] for Priority Support.