A: Simply click on the top tab called “Access Partner” to access your Founding Partner membership area.

A: Make sure you set up in the following side-tabs before promoting:

  1. “Activate Your Income Streams”
  2. “Become An Instant Authority”
  3. [OPTIONAL] “Bonus DFY Lead Gen System”

And to ensure you learn the strategies for promoting, go through your Founding Partner Training Academy Modules 1-6 as well!

A: Below is a list of your types of commissions and how you get paid:
– $100 Partner Commissions: paid through Clickbank (check your Clickbank account)
– $25 Blog Setup Commissions: paid manually by MOS*
– GR & CM System Setup Commissions: paid out by GetResponse and Clickmagick respectively (check your affiliate accounts)
– Course Income Streams: Various**
– Partner Traffic Income Streams: paid manually by MOS*
– Banner Ads Income Streams: paid manually by MOS*

*For all manual payments paid by us: We’ll reach out to you via email once you qualify for that commission to work out your preferred payment method. We can pay by credit card if you send us an invoice¬† (e.g. Paypal Invoice, Stripe Invoice, Other Payment Gateway Invoices).

**Course Income Streams are paid in various ways (some by the actual 3rd party company and some manually by MOS)

A: Your Referral Link never changes no matter which Level you upgrade to. Having said that there are only two types of Referral Links:

  1. Your Raw Affiliate Link: https://myonlinestartup.com/?id= OR
  2. Your Bonus DFY Lead Gen System Link (inside your ClickMagick Account)
    (If you haven’t had the chance to set up your Bonus Lead Gen System yet, you can check it out in the side-tab “Bonus DFY Lead Gen System“. It is OPTIONAL.)

A: To check your commissions, click on the top tab “Account” > “My Earnings”.

A: To see your Referral List, you can click on the top tab “Account” > “My Team”.

A: Go through your Partner Membership and commit to taking 100% massive action everything that Chuck teaches. Do NOT skip steps or modules. Take advantage of your 100 Days Success Coaching ([email protected]) and ask them any questions you might have. Finally, check out our “All In” Legendary Partner Level to see if it’s for you. Even if you don’t end up upgrading in our final Level, at least you know for sure if it’s for you or not. You don’t want to miss out! Check it out in the next step or click here.

A: As a Founding partner, since you have your 100 Days Success Coach, best to reach out to them for the fastest reply ([email protected]).