MOS is reaching a brand new chapter. We’re aiming to rebuild MOS from the ground up. The aim? To be the best and only place anyone in the world wants to visit to learn how to build an affiliate online business for free. This transition period will give Chuck enough time to rebuild MOS starting with the Partner Membership area (which includes all training as well).

To be the go-to biggest and best place for anyone and everyone in the world to learn how to build an online affiliate marketing business from scratch.

  • Phase 1: Chuck is rebuilding the Partner Membership (including all the training). So from now until then, it’ll be the last time anyone can purchase the Lifetime Partner Program for a one-time payment of only $197
  • Phase 2: Chuck is reshooting the entire Free Course. No set completion date yet
  • Phase 3: We’ll be adding brand new features to My Online Startup as requested.

You get the following from now until Phase 1 is complete:

  • $100 Commissions per Lifetime Partner Sale
  • DFY Promotion Income Stream starting immediately
  • Ability to participate in this special Lifetime Offer Period
  • Group coaching from Chuck for you to make an absolute killing during this time (includes copy & paste campaigns)

You also get the following after Phase 1 is complete:

  • Never need to pay a monthly fee or yearly fee ever
  • Access to 3x additional upgrades (TBA) worth over $300
  • Ability to earn 50% on the entire new Partner Funnel including:
    • 50% on $7 Trial
    • 50% on $47/ month every single month
    • 50% on $17 OB
    • 50% on $37 OTO1
    • 50% on $97 OTO2
    • 50% on $147 OTO3
    • 50% on $497 / year every year

Once Phase 1 is complete, members will no longer be able to invest in the Partner Program for a one-time payment. The Partner Program will be subscription-based. Here’s how it works:

  • $7 Trial then $47 per month: Monthly Partner Program
  • $17 OB: Chuck’s Legacy Products
  • $37 OTO1: Ultimate Lead System
  • $97 OTO2: DFY Automated Emails
$147 O3: Email Marketing Mastery
  • $497: Yearly Partner Program
  • $1,497: Legendary Partner Program

Becoming a Partner in the future, will cost $7 for 7 days and then $47 per month after that. Of course, you can also save money by opting for the Yearly option at $497 per year (no locked-in contract – i.e. renew membership every year as you wish).

The Lifetime Partner Membership costs a one-time payment of only $197. You’re saving an infinite amount of money depending on how long you plan to stay a Partner with us. That’s because the new Partner Program will cost a monthly payment of $47 per month (or $497 per year).

You still need a Clickbank account and you need to understand that the current Partner Membership that you’re getting from now until Phase 1 is complete, is temporary. You will receive all the new benefits once they’re complete.

DFY Promotions means that Chuck will promote to any referrals you bring in (via email) and pass on any commissions he makes to you. It’s as if you’re hiring Chuck as your email marketer to make money for you. This DFY Promotion starts immediately and ends 31 December 2021. Members earn hundreds of dollars extra because of this Income Stream alone without doing anything extra.

MOS is an entire ecosystem that you can earn multiple income streams from. Here’s how it works: Chuck recommends tools, resources, software, services, tools, you name it… everything members need to build their online business from scratch. And when your members invest in any of the recommended tools and resources throughout our MOS membership, you’ll earn commissions. This means that your ability to earn from just one referral is limitless.

This is the last time anyone can get the Partner Program for a one-time payment of $197. After Phase 1 is complete, the Partner Program will be subscription-based. This means that during this period, conversions will go through the roof as it’s the last time anyone can purchase the Partner for a one-time payment. Chuck will also make sure you’ll make a killing by providing group coaching and DFY Campaigns that you can simply copy and paste to make money.

You will get group coaching inside Chuck’s Inner Circle with DFY Campaigns that you can simply copy and paste to make money.

Your one and only job as a Partner is to share your Referral Link to as many people as you can. Once they create an account to MOS, your job is done. Chuck and our whole team will take over and do all the teaching and selling for you so that you can earn on autopilot.

Your one and only job as a Partner is to share our Free Course to as many people as you can. That’s it. Leave all the selling, supporting and teaching to Chuck and the team.

Yes. Without Clickbank, we cannot pay you your commissions. If you cannot create a Clickbank account, you, unfortunately, cannot participate in our Partner Program at this stage.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Lifetime Partner Special Offer has been extended. As of now, there is no specific date but just know that once it’s complete, you will be able to receive all the benefits at no further cost (as long as you’re a Lifetime Partner).

Yes. To make sure you make an absolute killing, Chuck will provide Group Coaching as well as DFY Campaigns inside the Private Inner Circle. So make sure to join that Facebook group as the magic will happen inside there.

You can still become a partner afterwards, but you will have to pay a subscription of $47/ month or $497/ year. You will never be able to purchase it for a one-time payment ever again. Hence now is the best time to upgrade if you do want to join us as a Partner of My Online Startup.