Below is a list of tools and resources mentioned in this module:

Snappa – is a cloud-based graphics editor for social media, personal, and marketing purposes. The best part is, all graphics in Snappa are free!

Tube Buddy – is a free browser extension or a browser plugin that adds a layer of tools directly on top of Youtube’s website so that you can rank higher in search, bulk update your videos, optimise video tags and so on.

Video Maker FX – is a program that allows users to create animated videos. The possibilities of videos you can make with this program is endless!

Camtasia – is a program that records video off your computer’s screen (or portion of it). There are a lot of value added stuff included here so you’re sure to make great videos with this screen recorder.

Affiliate Tuber – is a step-by-step training course of over 40+ HD training tutorials that helps you create and build an online affiliate marketing Youtube channel in 5 different steps.

Blue Yeti USB Microphoneis one of the best USB Microphones, perfect for shooting videos or podcasts. The best part is you can connect it through USB, unlike most high-end recording devices.

Webcam (Logitech C920S HD Pro): Don’t settle for the built-in webcam on your PC. You’ll get far more polish from Logitech’s C920S HD Pro, which offers 1080p resolution and stereo sound at a very affordable price.

Thumbnail Blaster: Really easy thumbnail creator for YouTube