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Step 1: Purchase Hosting and a Domain Name

For my team to set up your entire Premium Blog, the only tool you need to invest in, is hosting. The hosting company that I recommend is called A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting is one of the fastest and most reliable hosting services out there when it comes to building your own blog or website. Just choose the cheapest package (The Lite Package). Then, purchase a domain name and just follow the instructions to check out. (You do not need any other addons or upsells).

Once you’re ready, please click the button below to purcahse A2 Hosting:

NOTE: You MUST purchase A2 Hosting using the button below or my team cannot set up your Blog for you. Please understand this service is 100% free because I use the proceeds I get from these A2 Hosting affiliate commissions to pay my team 🙂

Step 2: Submit Your Form

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