• How we can get more people to login MOS every day and start good talk here..without wasting time on fb?
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    • @maxprofits That’s a great point Shan & Dona. We’re going to finalise our forum very soon and then members can hang there as well so they don’t need to go on facebook. On top of that MOS points can be collected for cash so that will also allow members to feel like contributing to our MOS community will be worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello all, quick question is anyone else having an issue saving friend request? Everytime I click to accept request it just resets like I never clicked to accept request. Sorry for all those who sent friend request and didn’t get accepted back from me. I’ve been trying to save you guys for days. lol
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    • there some small bugs ,tech glitches here and they as we discuss them here i hope Chuck and his team look into them… sometime it happens week ago it work but since last week i found people without profile picture do i did not add..i added everyone who has profile pic… 2nd i found a bug that we can not go beyond 1 page of friends that we can…Read More

      • @maxprofits when you’re saying 1 page – are you referring to the Friend Sugestion widget on the right hand side of this screen? “People you may know”? Or what are you referring to?

        • may be you guys testing something i cannot find that page anymore.. if i found it again i will show exactly… i found that page show all the MOS members count it was 1000+ and there like page 1,2…….179 i was only able to open page one no page 2 or at end… but i dont know how i found it..i can not see it anymore so far…lol

    • @parkerspot Can you let me know how youโ€™re trying to accept friends? Are you going to this page here and accepting your friend requests? https://myonlinestartup.com/members/parkerpot/friends/requests/
      You can access this page via the following tabs Top Tab Account > Personal Wall > Click on the small friend icon next to your messages icon top r…Read More

  • Change Is Inevitable, But Transformation Is By Conscious Choice

    Heather Ash Amara

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  • “The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.”
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  • Happy B-day! Chuck all the best to you
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  • Got a quick question for the family here that are Inner Circle Members. Is anybody seeing any glitches with our capture page using Mozilla Firefox or is it just me? I want to get to the bottom of this so the support team can work on matter for the future. Can someone verify this for me?
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  • Happy Birthday, Chuck!!
  • Happy Birthday Chuck!
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  • Pick Your One Product: Okay, I have my one product, that I’m learning everything about right now. What I didn”t know about picking your affialite products was, that they must be evergreen. That is something new to me. I never realized that they should have upgrades too. I’ve always learned the opposite. From my personal experience, I agree with…Read More
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  • Hey guys whats up? I’m Moise from Montreal, Quรฉbec in Canada, my friends call me Mo so feel free to do the same if you want, you can call me Mo. Quรฉbec is the only French-speaking province in Canada and in North America, which means French is my first language, so bonjour friends ๐Ÿ™‚
    I started doing online marketing about 3 years ago. I slowly s…Read More
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    • Hey Moise!

      Good to e-meet you!

      I’m from the UK, it’s on my bucket list to go to Canada one day, I hear it’s lovely there!

      It sounds like you’re really committed to sticking with this and achieve your goals. Most people give up so easily, you’re doing great!

      My goal is to build multiple streams of online income and businesses to be able to…Read More

      • Hello Simon, these are great goals, I wish all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ I also started a blog like 2 months ago following Chuck’s course about it. Let me know if you want to see it, i dont want to spamm in here ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes its lovely here(summertime) but winter here its hard though lol Its a big country so there’s a lot to see.
        see you at the top ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Mo, nice to virtually meet you! Very interesting to learn about Quebec… Also, it’s great to see you stiving for your goal. I know you’ll get there. So, keep pushing. I’m La’Kisha living in Texas. Most people call me Kisha. So, feel free to call me “Kisha” if you like. Anyhow, I learned about affiliate marketing two years ago but, never really…Read More

      • Hi Kisha, nice to meet you too. I think you made the right choice by taking the mentoring program here, I also took it. It s the best way to help us achieve our goals faster… I think ๐Ÿ™‚
        Go get your goals girl and see at the top ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Chuck, all the best on your birthday my friend 🍾🥂👍😎
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  • This is so true!
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  • The Game Plan Lesson- Was very interesting! I never knew the 9 Components of a Successful Affiliate Business. Knowing or learning the 9 Components, gives me a better idea on what I should be working on and what I shouldn’t be working on. I did take action and joined the FB group. Took lots of notes (by the way, the notepad idea is a cool…Read More

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  • WOW! Minset is Everything!

    I agree. I’ve had mindset training before, but, never understood it the way the way it was taught in the Mindset is everything 2.1 module. Great stuff!

    Also, I have a question, 👈in the video, Tony Robbins, YouTube video was mentioned.👈

    It was also mentioned that a link would be provided below the video.…Read More

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  • Okay, having a strong WHY is important.

    The WHY is what will keep me or anyone grinding contiously.

    I can completely agree with the Pain and Pleasure examples. I do know from personal experience that when you face pain, that you will do whatever it takes to improve, remove, and increase your success chances.

    And, this is not only with…Read More

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  • Powerful Self-Image: Who you are is who you THINK you are…Amazing….

    Whatever image or thought process we have of ourselves, or others tend to become reality in our minds.

    I loved this training module. It’s something that I needed to hear and experience for myself.

    I always say that I’m SHY. At the same time, I have LOTS of…Read More

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  • Personal Success Card: Another amazing exercise to do..I got everything written and printed out. So, that I can drill these into my brain. I have been wondering about everything you discussed within the training module. Learn the different levels of subconscious minds and so on..very interesting…Thank you, once again Chuck…I am confident that…Read More
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  • I really enjoyed the Clear Income Goal…module. This is somehting that I have learend in the past but, never really set a clear income goal. I now have a clear income goal in place. All the way down to the minute. Thank you, for this…🤝
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  • Clickmagick is an awesome idea. I know from my own personal experience that having many visitors (1500 per day) and not knowing where my conversions, traffic, or email signs up were coming from. I definitely lost profits not having a tracking system in place.

    I probably also lost even more profits by not having a lead genreation stystem. (no…Read More

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