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As an Empire member, you’ll be focussing on building your very own Empire Brand which is actually the secret to earning true passive income online.

You see, once you have your own Empire Brand, you literally never ever need to rely on any third party company, affiliate programs or anything else to generate leads and sales ever again. Because...

Instead of chasing after leads and hustling hard to close sales, leads will actually be running to you...

and begging you to take their money pretty much on complete autopilot.

In fact, all you need to do to build your very own Empire Brand is to follow my fail proof, step by step, follow along project. I’m calling this the Million Dollar Project.

How the $1M Empire Project works...

I’m going to build a Million Dollar Empire brand myself in 2020 and I’m 100% confident that I’ll achieve it.

You see, the truth is, I have been earning multiple six figures for the last few years and I truly believe that I now have the blueprint to take it to the Million Dollar mark.

And here’s the best part...

I plan to document EVERYTHING I do along the way.

Everything from start to finish of how I earn $1M in 2020.

More specifically, I'll break down my entire Million Dollar Project:

  • I’ll break down every phase.
  • I’ll break down my mindset
  • I’ll break down how I generate traffic
  • how I monetize my leads
  • I’ll break down all my mistakes
  • I’ll breakdown all the successes
  • I’ll break down why I do what I do and
  • EVERYTHING else I do to earn $1M in 2020.

Just copy what I do...

The best part of becoming an Empire Member is the fact that you get to follow along my Million Dollar Project with me.

You get to see what I do behind the scenes and how I build my entire empire brand from start to finish in 2020 with the goal to earn $1M.

In other words, you'll be able to build your very own Empire Brand by simply copying my exact Million Dollar strategies from start to finish.

  • No need to do any trial and error
  • No need to do any guesswork and
  • No need to struggle again, ever!

Difference between Insider and Empire

Now, I know this sounds somewhat similar to the ongoing case studies that you currently have access to as an Insider member. But just think of it like this...


Access to unlimited case studies of single proven campaigns only.


The Million Dollar project is a gigantic 12 months project with the goal to build a Million Dollar Empire brand.

My goal for you...

For full transparency and honesty. Just remember, the ultimate goal for this Project is to earn $1M in 2020 by building my very own Empire brand.

However, I DO NOT expect you to do the same.

Again, allow me to be 100% honest with you and say that again.

Not because I’m better than you or more talented than you or more special than you or anything like that... but simply because I might work longer yours, I already have a team and assets and so on...


- work full time
- small team to help me out
- freelancers and outsource
- already have assets


- work part-time time
- no team
- do everything yourslef
- starting from scratch

So my goal for you is NOT to earn $1M in 2020... My goal for you is to...

Copy whatever you can from my Million Dollar Project...

Take action on whatever you possibly can...

and earn as much as you possibly can.

Let me explain...

Earn whatever you can...

If you replicate my results and earn $1M in 2020...

That’s great!

If you only earn half of that which is $500K...

That’s also great!

If you only earn 10% of that which is $100K...

That’s also great!

Heck, even if you only earn 1% of that which is $10,000...

Heck, that’s still great!

As always... when you upgrade today...
You'll also get 5 premium bonuses:


$300 per Empire Sale

Earn $300 commission every time your members also upgrade to this exact Emperor Level.


$50 per DFY Blog Setup

Earn $40 commissions (instead of $20) every time your members take advantage of our Done For You Premium Blog Setup to set up their blog. That’s a 2X commission bump.


Monthly Recurring Commissions

Earn monthly Recurring Commissions on Get Response and Click Magick every time your members take advantage of our Done For You Lead Generation System Setup.


50+ Multiple Income Streams

This one’s a real game changer! You’ll earn from every single tool, software, product, traffic method, book and basically everything and anything I recommend from inside our MOS membership area!


$5 per referral 500 MOS Point

Imagine earning from members who never have to spend a single cemt. This bonus is where you can earn $5 every time your members reach 500 MOS points. They can reach these points easily by contributing to our community.

Imagine your possibilities with all these bonuses...

Your Referral also becomes an Empire member

You earn $300.00 in Empire Commissions

Your Referral sets up their D4Y Blog

You earn $40 in Hosting Commissions

Your Referral sets up their D4Y System

You earn Monthly Recurring Commissions from the required tools

Your Referral invests in affiliate programs or products inside MOS

You earn Affiliate Referral Commissions

Your Referral invests in a recommended traffic source

You earn Traffic Generation Commissions

Your Referral invests in any other tools or software inside MOS

You earn Affiliate Referral Commissions

Your Referral invests in any other resources

You earn all these Multiple Commissions

Your Referral reaches 500 MOS Points

You earn $5 Referral 500 MOS Points Commissions each time

It’s a Massive Win In both Earning Potential and Value!

Insider Level Empire Level
Ultimate Insider Case Studies yes yes
$100 per Insider Sale yes yes
DFY Blog Setup Commission $20 per setup $40 per sale
DFY System Setup Commission $10 per setup one-time Monthly Recurring Commissions
$20 Earning per $500 MOS Points yes yes
Forum Signature yes yes
Products Library yes yes
Kickstart Gameplan yes yes
100 Days Priority Support yes yes
$1M Empire Project no yes
Earnings per Empire Sale no $300 per sale
50+ Multiple Income Streams no Over 50+ to earn from
Earnings per referral MOS points no $5 per referral

Some frequently asked questions...

Q: Main difference between Inside & Empire?

Think of the Empire Level as a one big 12-month Project where I show you exactly what I do to earn $1M. On the other hand, the Insider has unlimited small case-studies only (rather than one big project).

Q: How can the Empire Upgrade help me?

As an Empire Memeber you can simply copy what I do to earn $1M in 2020 by building an Authority Brand and have leads come running to you instead of the other way around.

Q: What can I earn as an Empire Member?

As an Empire member you can earn massively without any additional work. You’ll earn $300 per Empire sale, $40 per DFY Blog setup, Monthly recurring commissions per DFY System setup and over 50+ Mutiple Income Streams! It’s honestly insane!

Q: What if I can’t earn $1M in 2020?

Even though my own goal is to earn $1M by the end of 2020, I do NOT expect you to do the same, simply because we might have different working schedules. However, my goal for you is to copy me and earn whatever you can. This might be only 50% of 1M, 10% or heck even 1% which is still $10K!

Q: When’s the best time to upgrade to Empire?

It’s always recommended that if you do want to upgrade, you should do so earlier rather than later. This is because the price of the Empire upgrade may increase any time in the future depending on the volume of members.

Q: Is the Empire Level beginner friendly?

Yes, our Empire Level is 100% Beginner Friendly and will work for you even if you have absolutely no experience in the online world whatsoever. Simply take massive action on copy what I do to earn $1M in 2020 and see results for yourself.

Your investment today is 100% Risk Free

Not to mention, that your investment today is 100% legally backed up by our 30 days money back guarantee.

This means, by law, we’re obligated to return all your money back to you when you request it within 30 days of becoming an Empire.

Literally no hidden fine prints.

No hidden conditions and

No hidden catches.

Follow my $1 Million Dollar Project...
And become an Empire Member Today

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