Your “System” Link is inside your Click Magick account

  1. Click on Links
  2. (if you have a lot of links) Filter by the group “Your Mos System”
  3. Find the link called “Your System Link” and click on it
  4. Copy the “Tracking Link”

This is how your Bonus Lead Gen System works:
Here’s what happens when you share your System Link:

  1. Capture Page: this is the first page people land on when they click on your System Link. Entering an email here means they will become your EMAIL SUBSCRIBER (this means you’ll find them inside your GetResponse account). You will also find an “A” fire inside Clickmagick
  2. MOS Registration Page: once they opt into your email list, they will be redirected to the MOS. IF they create an account on this page, they will become your official Referral of MOS. NOTE: before this, they were just your email subscriber.

You see, it’s a 2-step process. First, you capture their email as your subscriber and then they will become your member.

The first step is crucial because that’s how you build your email list (your greatest asset). The 165 Email follow ups will fire and your subscribers will receive an email automatically from you every day over the next 165 days. Please know the above process happens on complete autopilot. All you’re doing is giving out the System Link. That’s it.

Hence you will always have more people inside your GetResponse & Clickmagick than you have inside your MOS membership.

If you want a more hands-on way to learn how your system works, you can pretend to be your own lead and go through the exact process that your leads go. Here’s how to do it…

Joining your own email list

  1. Visit your own System Link (copy it and enter it into your address bar at the top of your browser). You should see your capture page with a form to enter an email address
  2. NOTE: If you see a popup, just close it for now
  3. Enter an email into the form (you can use your personal email or you can generate a temporary email here:
  4. That’s it! Once you’ve entered your email, you should land on the registration page of My Online Startup

So that’s pretty much the process that your leads will go through.

At this point, your leads will either decide to create a free account with My Online Startup or they might just decide they’re not interested and close the page. The important thing is that they’ve joined your email list, which means you are building your greatest asset.

Check that your lead receives your emails

Remember that your DFY System comes with 165 Automated Email Followups. The first email is sent as soon as your lead joins your email list. Let’s see if your lead receives your emails properly.

  1. Go to the inbox of your email (the one you entered into your capture page above)
  2. Check for an email from yourself with the subject line “Welcome To My Daily Online Tips!” (it may be in the promotions/spam folder)

Finding your new lead inside Get Response

Now that your lead has joined your email list, you should be able to see them inside your email list inside Get Response.

  1. Log into your Get Response account
  2. Click on “Lists” in the top menu
  3. Find a list called “mossystem[random_numbers]” and click on it.
  4. Look for the email address you entered into the capture page above

Checking your stats inside Click Magick

You can also track your stats inside Click Magick. This will tell you how many people have clicked on your link and how many of those people have entered their email to join your email list.

  1. Log into Click Magick
  2. Click on “Links” in the top menu
  3. Find your link. Don’t click on it, but just look at the numbers to the right of your link

Here’s a quick guide on how to read all these numbers:

  • TC (Total Clicks): This is the total number of times your link has been clicked. Good to know, but not as useful as “UC” because if the same person clicks on your link 500 times, you will see 500 Total Clicks.
  • UC (Unique Clicks): This is roughly the total number of human beings that have clicked on your link. So if a single person clicks on your link 500 times, you will only see 1 Unique Click. This is more useful because you want to know how many people you have shared your link to. Not the total amount your link has been clicked.
    FC (Fake Clicks): These are basically fake or bot clicks. You don’t want these. The less the better. If you are purchasing solo ads or buying lots of traffic, it’s inevitable that you’ll see some Fake Clicks here and there, but it shouldn’t make up a large portion of your clicks.
    A (Actions): This is the number of times someone has entered their email address into your capture page. This is good. The more the better.
    ACR (Action Conversion Rate): Same as Actions, but displayed as a % percentage.
    Everything else: ignore all the other columns. They don’t mean anything in this context.

Note: Actions do not include optins where your leads have entered their email address into the Pop Up. Actions only count optins for the main form on the capture page.

What about my MOS Team list?

You probably noticed that in the example, we stopped after reaching the registration page of My Online Startup and we did not create a free account. That’s because this is a separate step and is separate to how your system works.

Your DFY System has done it’s job after it captures your leads’ emails and puts them into your Get Response account and Click Magick account for the rest of the automations to kick in. After that, once your lead has reached the registration page of MOS, everything works exactly as normal.

Note that the leads inside your Get Response account are not the same as your “Referrals” inside My Online Startup.

As you saw in our example, you (whilst pretending to be your own lead) joined your own email list, but you did not end up creating a free account with My Online Startup. This happens with real leads too. Some leads will register for a free account, but some won’t. That’s why you will always have more leads inside Get Response than inside My Online Startup. Because the System is set up in a way where you build your own assets before building anyone else’s assets.

NOTE 1: When copying your tracking URL over to Clickbank, there should be a parameter “att=2”. This actually means that it’s tracking conversions on the ‘Last’ click which is not what we want as it will attribute the conversions to the ‘Thanks’ page. Please change the ‘2’ to a “1” to track conversions on your clone system page.

NOTE 2: At around time stamp 8:12, Chuck asks you to click on “Inner Circle” to go to the order form. The “Inner Circle” has now been rebranded to the “Partner Program”. However, you won’t see this top tab as you get redirected to the Partner Membership since you’re already a Partner. Hence please use this page here to access the Partner Offer: and follow the instructions to go to the order form.

You can check your name (the name that your subscribers see inside the 165 emails), your Clickbank affiliate ID and your MOS username by logging into your Getresponse account and going to this page:

Adding a few emails manually

If you want to add existing contacts (email addresses) to the GetResponse Autoresponder List that we created for you, you can do the following:

  1. Log into your GetResponse account
  2. Click on the top tab “Lists”
  3. Click on the blue “Add contacts” Button (on the right of the page)
  4. Choose the list we created for you (We named the list in this format: “mos_system_xxxxx”)
  5. Follow the instructions to add contacts to this list
  6. If prompted whether you want to add them to the Autoresponder Sequence, tick YES and start them from day 1 (not 0)

Adding emails in bulk

If you have thousands of emails that you want to import in one go, please contact GetResponse support first. Reach out to them to let them know the exact amount of emails you want to import. They will check this against your account and let you know how many emails you should import per day (e.g. 500 per day). This is because when you import a large amount of emails, GetResponse might flag it as spam and may block your account. So to avoid this, make sure to check in with GetResponse support first.  This is because based on your account, GetResponse may ban you if they think you’re uploading a huge amount of emails that are fake.

To contact GetResponse support:

  1. Click on the Circle icon next to your account profile picture (top right corner) – the “Help” icon.
  2. Choose “live chat” for fastest support (or any other support channel available in your country)

List of 165 Emails

For a complete list of your 165 emails and what each email promotes, please go to this page here. There are only 2 payment methods for sales within your 165 emails which are “Clickbank Commissions” and “Manual Commissions“. Refer to the column “Payout Method”. See below for an explanation of each:

Clickbank Commissions

Most offers that are promoted inside your 165 emails (which are not MOS related) are Clickbank products. Hence you can check the commissions for these offers inside your Clickbank account. You can search your Clickbank transactions by TID for “MYONLINESTARTUP” to see all your sales from the 165 emails.

Manual Commissions

The other offers promoted inside your 165 emails are earned by Chuck and paid out to you after the holding period. This is because not everyone can become an affiliate of these specific offers and not everyone can earn from these specific offers (e.g. some people do not have a PayPal account). Hence the sales for these offers are tracked using your MOS username as a sub-ID. These are included in your “Manual MOS Commissions” which are paid out every 1st and 15th of every month. For more details about MOS Manual Commissions, please read this article in our Knowledgebase.

[Optional Step] Insert Your Own Affiliate Links

Throughout your automated email followups, instead of using your affiliate link in the emails, I have placed my own affiliate link and will pass on the commissions to you as they come in. This is because not everyone has the ability to sign up to all affiliate networks and get their own affiliate link. To make it easier for the majority of members, I have decided to do it this way.

However, if you have you have some experience with affiliate networks already and you are able to join affiliate networks, you can replace my affiliate link with your own affiliate link inside the email followups.

To make it easy for you, below is a list of all the automated emails that come with your system, the autoresponder day, the product that is promoted, etc

Note: This is OPTIONAL. Either way, you will still get paid your commissions.