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Dear Partners,

You have taken such a massive leap of faith and trusted in me to become a Partner, so congratulations! You will not regret this.

In fact, here’s a quick reminder of what our new My Online Startup 2020 funnel and product line will look like when we go live.

Now, as you already know, since you’re a current Partner in 2019, you’re going to be bumped up to the new Coaching Level in 2020, which means you’ll have all the benefits of an Insider, Empire, Leader AND Coaching Member. This is actually a massive savings of $10,144 because when we officially go live, new members will need to invest in the Insider level ($147), the Empire level ($497), the Leader level ($1,997) AND the Coaching Level ($9,997) just to be where you’ll be positioned at. That’s a total of $12,638 that they need to invest in just to be at the Coaching level. But as I said, you’re getting a massive bump all the way to the Coaching level even though you’ve only invested $2,494 for our current Partner level. Again, I want to congratulate you one more time for taking massive action to become a Partner in 2019 to get a massive bump to the new Coaching level in 2020.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the benefits, services, bonuses and income streams from the Insider, Empire, Leader and Partner level will be available to you leading up to 1st January 2020. Make sure to keep an eye out for an email update from me when all memberships are ready for you to access. Click here to jump on our VIP Update List

Your opportunity right now…

Now as a current Partner, you actually have the opportunity right now to upgrade to our current Coaching level so that you can get bumped to our new “PARTNER” level in 2020. This is a massive saving of $25,000 because once we go live, new members will have to pay $29,997 just to be an ALL-IN Partner member. But you’re getting bumped all the way to our new ALl-IN Partner level by just investing in our current Coaching level, which is $4997. Now to help you make a better decision to either remain a current Partner member to get bumped to the new Coaching level in 2020 OR upgrade to our current Coaching level and get bumped to our new All-In Partner level in 2020, allow me to break down exactly what you can expect at the new Partner level. 

Ok so, the first thing you need to know about our Partner level is that it cost $29,997 one time and won’t actually be live until July 2020. Now as a new 2020 All-In Partner, you’ll be able to partner up with me where I’ll help you create your own digital products, help you set up the entire funnel, sales pages, sales videos, product fulfilment and even help you promote your product to our community. 

So how the Partnership works is we’re gonna do a 50/50 profit split. This means whatever profit we make together, we split it 50/50. This is to ensure that it’s in my best interest to make sure we create a product that’s high in demand, converts like crazy and simply just makes loads and loads of money for the both of us. Because, if you make money, I’ll make money. The more you make the more I’ll make. That kind of thing. 

Now, the best part about this Partnership is we won’t be like those gurus who launch junk products on a weekly basis. We’re gonna work together to make an Evergreen product so that I can recommend it within our My Online Startup membership, forever. This is a huge deal because I take the reputation of My Online Startup as if it were my own. I take it 100% seriously, which means I will do whatever it takes to make sure the product we create is 100% valuable, 100% congruent and 100% genuine. So imagine generating autopilot sales just because your product is being recommended in My Online Startup which is evergreen. 

Not to mention, you’ll be building your very own BUYERS list which is where the REAL money’s at. And as your Partner, I’ll even help you monetize your buyers list so that you can make even more money. The truth is, the reason why I’m delaying the launch of our Partner level to mid-2020 is that it’s going to take up a lot of my time and I want to make sure I’m there with you when we create these products together. Another reason is that it’ll give me some time to better this Partnership. 

You see, I want to make sure our Partnership level is 100% fail-proof and extremely profitable for me and all my Partners. Because our Partner level is not just a service to me that I fulfil and then move on. The evergreen products that we create and launch together is going to be a BIG deal to me and for all I know, these Partnership products can add a few million to my own online business. You see, I honestly don’t know where it’ll take me but one thing I do know for sure is I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure my Partners and I make some good money with the products we create and launch together. But for now, just know that our Partner level will cost $29,997 when it goes live in mid-2020 and at this level, you and I are going to work together to create your very own evergreen digital product where we split the profits 50/50. 

Now, on top of this, I’ve also prepared a bonus for you. Just one big bonus. And that is the ability to earn $10,000 on every Partner sale. So let’s say you refer Bob who eventually upgrades to the Partner Level. As an ALL-IN Partner yourself, you will simply earn $10,000 in Partner commissions. Now, I want to be honest and just say don’t expect a high volume of Partner sales. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that a few of these Partner sales a year are still pretty awesome, right?

So here’s what you need to do right now…

To upgrade to our current Coaching level and hence be automatically bumped to our new All-In Partner level when we go live in 2020…

Click the button below right now and follow the process.

Remember, our new All-in Partner Level will cost new members $29,997 in 2020 and today you only have to invest $4,997 which is a massive saving of $25,000! And keep in mind that you’ll never see this opportunity again. Once this promotion is over, you too will need to pay $29,997 if you ever want to Partner up with me to create your own digital products. I promise you that. Whatever you do, please do not regret your own decision. 

Having said that, when you’re ready, please use the button below to lock yourself in for the All-in Partner Level in 2020:

See you on the inside.

Chuck Nguyen (Your soon to be your Business Partner)