NOTE: If you haven’t had the chance to watch our 2020 Special Promotion Video yet, you can watch it here first.

Dear Coaching members,

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! In 2020, when we roll out our new funnel, you’re going to get bumped to our ALL-IN Partner level.

Here’s a quick recap of all the levels, the products, the services, bonuses and all the different income streams.

Remember, as an ALL-IN Partner member, you’re getting access to everything you see in that table. Another way to interpret that is your success is pretty much guaranteed in 2020. So here’s what you need to know right now:

First, all memberships will be built by January 1st, 2020 and you’ll get access to all of them before we go live. Just keep an eye out for my email updates for when you can get access to them so that you can set up all your income streams. I’m hoping to get it all done 1 week prior to launch so that you have enough time to set everything up, but no promises. Click here to jump on my Coaching Update List.

Second, as an ALL-IN Partner member, you’re able to work with me to create your very own evergreen digital products. We’re going to create the product, the upsell, the downsell, the membership area and pretty much everything else. After that, I’m even going to help you promote the product to my entire members database here at My Online Startup. How it’s going to work is we’re going to do a 50 / 50 profit split and the goal is to both become extremely rich! However, this Partnership service won’t actually be live till around July, 2020. This is to ensure I can complete My Online Startup and add more value to our Partnership. So yeah, again, the actual Partnership service will go live around July, 2020 so get prepared for that.

Third, you do not need to upgrade or buy anything because you’re already an ALL-IN member. So the best way to take advantage of this 2020 pre launch promotion is to reach out to your team members and remind them to watch this video. Remember, if they upgrade, you’ll earn commissions. On top of that, promote My Online Startup HARD during this period. Any new referrals that you bring in will be able to take advantage of this upgrade which also means more commissions for you. In other words, you do not need to wait for 2020 to start taking action, you can take action NOW and make some good commissions!

See you on the inside.

Chuck Nguyen