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  • Where do we go to setup our affiliate links. All the products not just CM, GR, etc.
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    • Go to “upgrade” > “5 Premium Bonuses” > “Check All Your Affiliate IDs”. They are all there.

    • What Simon said 🙂 If you see something already in the box, it means that’s what’s currently saved as your affiliate ID and you don’t need to update it (unless you want to change it!). For most people, if you’ve done this once in the past, you probably don’t need to do it again.

    • upgrades then leader level and go through Bonuses you get,, yes its done

  • Anyone know how to see who your sponsor is in MOS like we could in EEC?
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    • I have looked Ed, but I see nothing like our sponsor’s details, but I am sure now that you have asked about it, Chuck and the team will sort it out 👍

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