My MOS Points


My Online Startup (MOS) Points can be collected by being an active member of My Online Startup. You will be rewarded with points for your contributions such as posting in forums, commenting on lessons and so on (see complete list below).

MOS Points are awarded for…

Awarded For
Limited To
for 1st time logging in
per Completed Lessons (Free Course)
for Completing entire Free Course
per Approved Comment (Free Course)
20 /day
– 10
per Approved Topic (Forum)
5 /day
– 10
per Approved Post (Forum)
20 /day
– 10

*Guidelines for Spam comments & posts

We strive to keep our MOS community as clean, relevant and valuable as possible. This is why our admin team will delete any comments that we deem as spam.

Every comment deleted by admin will incur negative 10 MOS points. Hence to make sure your points do not go into negative, please adhere to the following rules:

  1. NO External Links. Only internal links that help members navigate through our MOS membership are allowed. Only our admin team will is allowed to post external links. This is because external links posted by admin give rightful credit to Members so that they can earn multiple income streams. Please respect this rule.
  2. NO Self Promotion of any kind. This is to prevent cross-promotion from inside MOS. For example, messages like “message me for more info”, “comment if you’re interested below”, “like my comment for info” are not allowed.
  3. NO Redundant comments posted purely for the sake of increasing your MOS Points.
  4. NO Irrelevant Comments including comments about religion, politics etc.
  5. NO Hateful Comments directed at Chuck or Chuck’s team.
  6. NO Disrespectful comments directed at other members.

Learn & Earn with your MOS Points

Now the best things about MOS Points is that they are redeemable. Yes, that’s right, you can turn your MOS Points into cold hard cash!

In fact, for every 500 MOS Points you collect, you can earn USD $10 directly into your personal bank account. This is Chuck’s way of saying thank you for helping out and building our community.

No fine prints.

Simply learn and earn!

Once you’ve collected 500 MOS Points, you will receive an automatic email titled “Congratulations on reaching 500 MOS Points!” which will ask for your preferred payment method. You will be able to choose from the following options: Paypal, Skrill or Bitcoin

There’s nothing you need to do now except for going out there and collecting your MOS Points! Enjoy and have fun!

– Team My Online Startup